Nyíregyháza Workshop – Romanian-Hungarian border region (Report)

The fifth stakeholder workshop within the Legal Accessibility project was held in the city of Nyíregyháza, at the County Hall (5 Hősök tere) to which stakeholders active in cross-border cooperation and relations in the Romanian-Hungarian border region were invited. In the form of a round table discussion, CESCI associates were collecting information on the legal obstacles, deficiencies and best practices experienced by local actors.

The meeting was held on the 9th of February 2016 and attended by 4 participants in the following sectors and fields:

  • Labour and employment policy: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Government Offices’ Head Department for Employment;
  • Local government sector: City of Biharkeresztes;
  • Disaster management: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Directorate for Disaster management;
  • Education and training: Training Centre of Mátészalka.

Participants of the workshop reported that due to more severe border control, commuting has become more difficult recently. This calls for the facilitation of border crossing for commuters. Another issue that concerns border control is the stricter inspection of trucks on the Romanian side, which causes many traffic jams in the area.

Another topic attendees deemed important is the increased harmonisation of regulations, legislation and terminology related to training programmes.

In the field of disaster management, even though cooperation already exists between Romanian and Hungarian colleagues, a higher level of consultation is needed on both sides of the border for better cross-border cooperation. In the case of urgent threat prevention, special forces of both countries are allowed to cross the border in accordance with the related regulations.

In the region of Biharkeresztes in the former EU financing period, the establishment of a common emergency care centre was applied for. The application, however, was rejected in the end. The legal conditions for the establishment of the common centre need to be explored.

The establishment of a so called trade fair association is among the concepts of the region’s development. The related legislative environment is still to be explored, however.

Attendees reported on the regular bus service between Oradea and Biharkeresztes as a good practice.

Participants of the workshop agreed that a unified accounting system would be necessary for common projects and tenders.

Nyíregyházi műhelybeszélgetés (román-magyar határtérség)


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