European outlook / Collection of best practices

You can download the Collection of best practices prepared in the framework of the project by clicking on the following picture:

Cover: Best Practices

In the framework of the Legal Accessibility project, we examined the problems and obstacles that arise during the interactions of border regions; furthermore, we explored the handling, management and solution of these obstacles in other parts of Europe. We mainly concentrated on those European regions that have accumulated enough experience in the field of cross-border cooperation.

Spatial distribution of European good practices

We used qualitative methodology during the preparation of the research study and during the actual research activity, too. That means our research was built on the so called ‘desk research’ methodology, thus we made a systematic gathering of good examples, their research, categorization, identification and evaluation of obstacles, and we explored the possible and implemented solutions as well.

Cross-border database and toolkit of the EDEN portal, developed by ISIG, commissioned by the Council of Europe, was a valuable help in the process of identifying relevant information on institutionalised cooperation. Furthermore, a useful source of information was the extensive information database that is accessible on the webpage of the French Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT), too.

During our research, we contacted some foreign cross-border cooperating parties and management organisations that coordinate cross-border cooperation, with the aim to receive updated and actual information, thus forming a clear picture about their obstacles and about their proposed solutions.

The document contains a detailed research of 52 good examples, and numerous additional models were mentioned. These good examples and models can be a useful source of information that can be effectively used in the process of abolishing the Hungarian obstacles.

The good examples explored are categorised in the following structure:

Topic of good examples Number of good examples with detailed exploration
eu Cross-border health care and social cooperation 11
kozlekedes Cross-border mobility and community transport cooperation 9
munka Cross-border educational and labour market cooperation 15
kornyezet Cross-border environmental cooperation 4
katasztrofa Cross-border crisis management cooperation 4
egyeb Other non-specified forms of cross-border cooperation 9

In the last group of the study, we described several institutional models for state-level coordination that offered solution to certain cross-border problems and which might be useful and instructive for continuing the project.

Moreover, the prepared collection of good practices contains a rich bibliography. Specifically, it involves more than 140 bibliographic items. This huge bibliography might be very useful for those professionals who are interested in this specific field of research.


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