Project activities

The following activities were implemented in the framework of the project:

The workflow and logic of the project are presented by the following figure.

The workflow and logic of the project

The first activity of the project “Legal Accessibility” was the series of so called stakeholder workshops organized in the Hungarian border areas (altogether 9+1 workshops). All the local participants involved in cross-border cooperation were invited to these stakeholder workshops. Roundtable discussion was used at the workshops to collect information about those obstacles that were experienced by the invited local participants. The primary purpose of the roundtable discussion was to identify problems on a territorial basis. Subsequently, an inventory of the problems articulated by the local actors was compiled. In the next phase of the project, sectoral interviews were performed with experts. During these sectoral interviews, we revealed the legal and administrative dimensions of the articulated problems.

At the same time, a research in the field of European best practices on cross-border cooperation and identified obstacles was started. The legal inventory of the identified obstacles was further developed and specified through valuable information received during the sectoral interviews and through profound desk research. We have articulated legal and policy recommendations with the intention to dissolve the identified obstacles by using the sectoral interviews, the European outlook and results of the legislative research.