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Gotthárd TV report on the Szentgotthárd Workshop

The eight workshop within the Legal Accessibility project was held in Szentgotthárd, at the Refectory of the Common Municipality Offices, to which stakeholders active in cross-border cooperation in the Austro-Slovenian-Hungarian border region were invited. In the form of a round table discussion, two associates of CESCI were collecting information on the legal obstacles, deficiencies and best practices experienced by local actors.

Based in Szentgotthárd, Gotthárd TV broadcast a 10 minute report on the workshop on the very same day of the event in its News – a programme that after 10 years is still its fastest and most efficient forum for information and communication. The report was repeatedly broadcast over the following week: each day at 6:30 a. m. and 11 p. m., and additionally at 7 p. m. on Wednesday and Friday and at 12:00 on Sunday. The first few moments of the video feature CESCI’s planner-analyst associate presenting the elements of the project, followed by representatives of the ambulance service, the Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH) and the police, who give their opinion about obstacles and good practices experienced during their daily work.

Thanks to Gotthard TV, you can get a glimpse of the workshop through the video below:

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A written report of the workshop is also available  on our website.